by Unique Detail

I had sex with Poetry last night
In a dim lit setting that was just right
Perfect, in every way, was her undress
And beautiful was her bare nakedness
Tender were her breast that were lustfully sweet
Warm was her chest, from where I felt her heartbeat
Erect were her nipples, stiff and stout

All of which caused my erectile to stand out
Beckoning was her navel to sensual serenity
The perfect center piece of her naked body symetry
That was located right above the vulva, which was the remedy
Of calming the urge manifested in my centermost extremity
Pre-fuck juices giving the head of my dick a sheen
Secreted upon visual stimulus, she made me cream
Then penetrating her centermost cavity, her vaginal source
Such was the start of our poetic intercourse

Experiencing what I believed to be a sexual renassiance
With every thrust, bump, and grind, she moved in response
Delicious was the feel of her femanine rose
As we fucked, and recited to eachother sensual prose
In comparison to the movement and feel, there was nothing else
The fuck faces she made alone, was as much of a turn on as the
act itself

Seemlesly choreographed, ... yet unrehersed
As I licked her body, she sucked my soul with poetic verse
With the lights down low, and a dimness to surround me
She held on, putting her arms and legs around me
Time passed, we both looked down, to the goings on about
In her recepticle, I was churning in and out
To explain the feeling with words,... I`m at a loss
As we both watched my shaft dip, like a lobster tail dipped in
butter sauce

Tantilizing her with a quiet fury and force
Tasty was the feel of our poetic intercourse

I felt a warm wet sensation, as I felt her body rise
The feeling of hot, juicy girl cum, flowing between her thighs
Her fuck face gave way to scrunched brows, and closed eyes
Holding me tightly, as I thrust and grind, she gave a faint,
femanine cry

When her grip relaxed, I let up a bit
She positioned her left hand on her left tit
And turned on her stomach, spread her legs, and exposed her
Umm,... the sight of her hairy pussy looked like kiwi fruit
I mounted her ass, with no thoughts of evasion
Halfway in, her coochie rose to the occasion

In a sexy voice, she said 'don`t move'
Then she began to do a pelvic rock, hip swivel groove
I stood still for a moment, but I had to advance
And join in, in this doggy style, hip dance
Lovingly riding her booty like a horse
Gripped by her lyrical grip in this poetic intercourse

Positioned for continual G-spot stimulation
She humped up and down, and did hip gyrations
Holding both her shoulders, all of me, to her I gave
And rode Poetry like a boat rides and ocean wave
The way her head was turned, I could see the shedding of a tear
Already pressed against her, I put a question in her ear
Never stopping the fuck, and the feeling to entice
I asked if she was alright, she said 'yeah baby, the feeling is just
so nice'

I kissed the side of her face, as I continued to juice her mound
And make her booty roll up and down
Of the bed, she let me know that she was lovin` the flavor
By making the sounds a pregnant lady makes when she goes into

I sped up the hip movements, as we made the bed wiggle
Pumping in and out of her, making her asscheeks jiggle
Joyfully pleasuring her pussy, with no remorse
Creaming the cream of dreams in this poetic intercourse

After ejaculating in an intense manner
And causing Poetry to gush in an erotic clamor
I held her, the rest of the night, a hold from which we wouldn`t
And verbalized verses of rhyme, capping off our poetic intercourse
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