Pornographic Dreams
by Megalithicalwizard

Lust for you drives me like rain in a gutter

I spend nights drooling over my screen filled with your sex

The smell of you grips my loins in spasms as I surrender

I sample the pages of your nakedness while gloating in pleasure

Sucking sounds surround the room as I languish in ecstasy

I am enraptured with your sweetness and curves

My eyes stare boldly at your pale breast so exposed

I follow the curves and lick my lips at your moistness

The fire blazes beneath my calm exterior

Time passes too soon and I reach my climax

You have fondled me fully and I am flayed

Crushed by your splendor I am extinguished

The musty smell of my sex mingles

I am alone in my dreams

You are gone
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About Megalithicalwizard
Megalithicalwizard calls himself an old man, and often thought of as a Poet. He lives in
North Carolina in the foot hills where he enjoys writing about all kinds of things and
situations. He is disabled and happily married with three children and three
grandchildren, each is wonderful in their own ways.
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