Push and Pull
by Hana Sakura.

I was hazy on the defensive, realizing that I'd been screaming
at him in my sleep, the thick rod lubed and ready
while I'm an ounce awake, most of me still dreaming
about being in a department store, chomping on the rim
of a beautiful blue glass vase, grinding the glass shards and
gulping them down, enjoying every stolen mouthful,
trying not to get caught, though I knew there were security
cameras and they must've seen me take a bite then
put the broken vase in the stock boy's cart.
He's overpowering me, naked, moaning, breathing on
my neck, his arms are stronger and larger than mine
by percentages, I can't break free from the hold he has
on me unless I surrender the dream, which I won't
because in my dream I'm enjoying eating vases
and if I can still sleep while he's rubbing his cock
against the small of my back, then I don't mind, but
only so long as I can continue dreaming. So I passively
allow it, until he starts getting out of control, then I'm fighting
to maintain my restfulness. I'm getting sore. He's sliding the rod
down the cleave of my ass trying to slip it into my asshole
as if because he wants it so much, I must want it too, whereas
I've been chomping glass until this point from all that I can
Suddenly it smells like lavender, it's my organic massage oil.
He's crossed the line. That's mine, not his, he's spraying
it on his thick monster cock, slicking it up and sliding it
all over me, hunting hard for an entry. He's not full awake
either, not aware of my apparent disinterest. My back
is bending in opposition of his angles. He's slapping
it around, all over me. I'm not awake enough, I can't.
I've lost my faculty for verbal communication, I can't
remember how to say no in English so I try pushing,
him off, which he misinterprets as an invitation to thrust
harder into my sling back and keep building him towards his
release regardless of my desire or lack thereof.
I take this to be a part of the dream, and want to change
the channel back to the eating of the glass, which is
interests me more. I'm back in it fully then. I take a bite
of a heavy clear glass tulip vase that I find on the shelf
already broken. It's actually a vase I own, I have it in
my kitchen with nothing in it. The real one isn't broken
like in my dream but I don't use it very often, there's
seldom an occasion for flowers.
I wake up hearing myself scream as he's trying hard to thrust it
into my ass deep and hard, acting purely on impulse. He manages
to slide right in through the locked gates of my non-arousal, I'm dry
and he rips me right open, shocking me full awake, and now I go
from being the abused to the abuser, forcefully breaking loose of his
harsh but loving hold, pushing him off and yelling at him to stop
until he comes full awake crying because he'd assumed I'd been
enjoying it even though I'd only been lying adjacent to him, my body
a prop, an unwitting participant in the selfish exploits of his morning
wood. He didn't know.
His hand steps in where my cunt has rejected him. I steal my warm
down comforter back from underneath him as he strokes himself,
oblivious to the mounting chill of our shared bed. I am still not fully
awake. I watch him cum, so then I can go back to my dreaming.
About Hana Sakura:
Hana Sakura is a wife, mother, and mistress based in Milwaukee, WI.
Her passions are writing, making neat things, and fussing over friends.
A Nichiren Buddhist, she is prone to acts of kindness and
courageousness. Her element is fire. She loves sunny days, and packs
a mean lunch.
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