Reciprocity Received
by Wizthom

Sensations of consciousness
Stroking exactness-trembling
Quivering deep within

Internal waves of warmth
Vibrating yearning
Throbbing, pulsating
In awe, grasp, caress the beauty of nature

Fulfillment anticipated
Intensity, gentleness enters
Warmth flows to greet Reciprocity
A wave of sensations flows freely

Reciprocity received
soft and warm,,
like a gentle storm,
like the still in the calm,
like the pebbles of a rose,
your lips open doors
that were once closed,

a touch of love,
a touch of class,
can't be too much to ask,
reciprocity received

i just want what nature
says is mines,
a place in time,
where i can share in the wonders ,
of peace of mind,

Thu a touch, Thu the glow,
that flows Thu the warmth,
of your kiss,

swirling emotions,
run away passions,
how  you bring forth a wish,
such as this
your lips have become my affliction,
did i mention the very meaning of affection,
reciprocity received,

productivity those lips holds the key,
to sat a wayward soul free,
i just wanna do what
prince charming did for sleeping beauty,
reciprocity received love me,love me,
just love me,just love me,
let it be as i dream,happy ever after,
reciprocity received,

----peace wisemanspeeks and maria
About Wizthom:
Wizthom as a writer, writes from  the soul for the world to         
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