Requiem I: For the Lover I Never Had
by Diar

His lips smear

the fever of his desire across

the back of my neck

as his hands temper

and heat the

chilled sensations

bristling down my naked,

wingless shoulder blades.

Droplets of his sweat

and saliva mingle, dotting the

valley of my chest

and stomach, like impotent

men who scramble to entrench

battle lines along a mutually sought-

after geopolitical desert land.

The brazen, coy look that

fills his eyes with that subversive,

feigned innocence

sets the dead-haunted house of

my heart on fire,

the way a doctor saves the

life of an expiring man

with the paddles,

jump-starting his heart with

rambling, ricocheting electrical pulses.

His kisses slander

and chastise

the obsessive-compulsive thoughts

that act their many parts

night and day

around the darkened stage of my mind.

His embrace strangles

the voracious, blood-fed fear

that has cannibalized

the once sweetened and no longer

lithesome flesh on my bones.

His fingertips lightly strum

the strings

of the lyre of my soul,

playing me

to the always changing tune

of the soundtrack

in his head.

He fondles my newly stained body

every which way he can,

tightening and loosening

the screws in the

frame of my mind that keep

me from drowning in mental chaos,

so that he can induce orgasm

(Can you guess for which one of us?)

as the seams of my soul tatter

and tear under the weight

of his flesh, opening my spiritual

vision to a plane obscure

yet drunk with transient earthly delights

echoing with a faint

resonance of eternal oneness

with him

and the fading harmonic

chimes of

transcendent pleasure.
About Diar:
Diar is a freelance copy editor and proofreader pursuing full-time work in the
publishing industry in an editorial capacity. His educational background is in
Literature, Art History, Philosophy, and Religion. He is a poet and critical prose
essayist, with several publishing credits in both genres in print and on the web.
His literary field specialization is the long 19th century from the French Revolution
through the early Modern novel, with particular focus on the evolutionary changes
of the Gothic, Romanticism, Decadence and Aestheticism, and Orientalism. His
religious and philosophical interests focus on the various sects of mysticism, as
well as Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Overall, he continues to hold a
strong interest in and love for the different aspects of the arts and humanities.  
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