By Jarg Scott

She winces and moans when it goes in.
She is on her back with one leg up

and he is on his side pushing his dick
up her ass.

He pops out of her ass and rolls onto his back.
She climbs on top of him

reverse cowgirl. His dick finds her asshole again
and she rides it. He holds her hips

and impales her. When he pops
out again she climbs off and swallows what she can of his dick.

She makes a face as she tastes her ass on his dick.
She grabs his balls, his shaft.

Again reverse cowgirl. The camera zooms in on his dick buried in her
her pussy lips plump and swollen.

He pushes her aside. She gets on all fours.
He spreads her ass apart. Her asshole a canyon.

He can’t go balls deep. He just can’t. But that doesn’t stop him
from trying.

When he pauses she turns around to suck his dick,
lick the many veins, the fat mushroom head.

Again she makes a face when she tastes her ass on his dick.
He pushes her down onto her back.

Her legs wide and pinned to the bed. He enters
her asshole. All he wants is her ass. She shudders and gasps.

Her tits plastered to her chest don’t move.
He holds her ankles.

He pulls out, climbs onto her stomach.
His dick pointed at her chin. His meaty hand stroking his dick.

She opens her mouth wide. She extends her tongue.
She closes her eyes.

His come plentiful over her tits, her chin, her neck, her tongue, her

The camera is happy. The camera fades to black.
She waves goodbye. She laughs.

He is still hard
and stroking his dick.
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