Faith Cummings

Slow and achingly sensual
anticipation, building
A man and a woman
Shedding all
Seducer and seductress
Tempter and temptress
His eyes hot
hers so coy
His gaze is bold
in his mind he unclothes her
She arches a brow
a teasing smile on her lips
She wants to taunt him
to make him hot
He wants her to succumb
to his darkest wants
She senses his passion
He knows she's aroused
Each word he speaks is softer
She leans nearer to hear
They feel the breath
on each others face
her eyes lift to his
She's caught in his embrace
His lips close on hers
he tastes her soft moan
But he will hold back
until he makes her groan
He will teach her tonight
To crave his kiss
He plays with her mouth
with his lips and his tongue
Using his teeth as he gives her his tongue
Before she gets more
her mouth will get fucked
He'll completely seduce her
in the simplest of ways
Her lips are seeking,
swollen and bruised
so far his mouth is all he's used
Her eyes are open and glazed as she watches him
Her nipples burn against his chest
He softly entices with only his palm
Her mouth is open yearning and wet
She unbuttons her blouse
inviting him in
In her eyes there's a passion
she doesn't blink
She wants to watch him
She feels herself sink
He knows if he touches
She'll be soaked and so wet
But he takes of her mouth
over and over again
Her moans turn to stifled squeaks
fingertips turn her nipples
to the hardest of peaks
Arched up against him
her body writhes
He kisses her once again
her body is rigid with delight
He wants her soft yielding with desire
so he decides to stoke
her raging fire
Agonizingly slow he pulls
off her blouse
As his mouth blazes a trail
from her mouth to her bra
he licks at the flesh
contained in the lace
all of the time watching her face
From deep within
He hears her growl
Clawing at him
she wants him now
As she tries to undress him
He captures her hands
Her taking over
is not part of his plan
So he toys with the edge
of the jeans she still wears
Opening her legs
she captures his thigh
She strains against it
wondering why
In her eyes he can see her passion
her total need and her want
But he sees she can still
have a coherent thought
Quickly he strips her
of the rest of her clothes
Naked before him
her eyes start to close
Quickly he shoves her against the back of his couch
As she's pressed up against it
he positions one of her legs
across the top
Don't move, he orders
as he takes off his clothes
"Nothing happens until you cum ten times"
His tongue toys with each nipple
Agonizingly quick
flicks of his tongue
As his fingers play her clit
His count starts as one
When he reaches ten
she's hot with slick sweat
He then grabs her ankles
and pulls her upright
Her ass at the edge of his couch
He kneels before her
One finger teases
before his mouth devours
Her groans turn to purrs
as he takes his fill
Once she has cum
another few times
He shoves her on the floor
as he lays on the couch
His hand grabs her head
by her tangled damp hair
He sees by her eyes, she's no longer aware
He pulls her head down
to his waiting crotch
Her ass poised before him
he spanks it hard, again and again
telling her to suck
deeper and harder, to take him all in
Crazed with lust
she obeys, needing to please
She drinks of his juice
swallowing each drop
with the smallest of cries
of unfulfilled need......
Satisfied, but still ready
he caresses her hair
Then he tells her to
to please him
to make him grow hard
Quickly she uses
her tongue, mouth and hands
Quickly she brings him
to arousal again
He stands above her
she's still on her knees
He says very softly
"On your back, please"
She lays down before him
opening her thighs
He kneels before her
hides his quiet sigh
Each of his hands grab an ankle
as he folds her Indian style
Her eyes widen in shock
His hands now pull her arms
over her head,
holding her down
as his cock finds it's mark
The eyes that meet his
are of a cat in heat
That's what he wanted
needed to see
As he slowly begins
To fuck her quite slowly
From dark until, dawn
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About Faith Cummings:
Faith was born and raised in Chicago and have been writing since high school.
She has been active in the lifestyle for the last 7 years and began writing erotica
about 4 years ago. Faith has had 20 BDSM short stories published and two BDSM
novels published by Pink Flamingo, Bound to Mistress Olivia and Olivia's Dungeon.
She has a collection of  erotic poetry that she has yet to have published
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