Sentinal Sin
by Ever8wood

You watch me from afar
my hair glistening in the sun
my sleek form weaving it's way
gracefully throughout the room
I throw the curtains back
so the sunlight may enter and
more fully illuminate my actions.
You are too far away though
still devoured in darkness

And there you shall remain my pet
until I reward yo for your stoic silence
But...letting you touch with your eyes,
Keeping you at bay is my right
for without my permission you shall remain
bound and helpless at my mercy
You chose me, not I, you
As your Mistress this day
your fate is in your vision

I can be gentle as you know
giving freely of myself
receiving by sacrificing everything
to all expressions of rapture.
Or my sadistic lashings
can also reduce you to
the nothingness of bliss leaving
your childlike whimperings
void of nuturing compassion.

Remember, I hear your thoughts;
take caution when you
touch me with your eyes
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About Ever8wood
Ever8wood has been writing fantasy stories and erotic poetry for
several months and has been asked by his readers to submit them
for possible publication. By appealing to the more carnal side of
people's mind. Ever8wood has been able to use his talents as a
writer to give a more positive view of sex and the importance it plays
in everyday life and relationships. If any reader or other potential
publisher are interested in more of his works, they  can contact him
personally at;