Sexual deviances
by Regina Feller

Sexual deviances; inticing seduction with the glance of his eye whisking down my
body and feeling as though he grabs me with his whispers through the darkness;-

His lips were soft as silk against my neck feeling his breathe down my cleavage; his
hands so rough from his hard work and overbearing my existance;-

He took advantage of me-without me even knowing-a gentle kind lover with
temptation and excitement that went on for days just thinking about that night;-
About Regina Feller:
Born and raised in Toronto background Brazil/Israel and writing screenplays since
she was 18. She is 29 now and looking to make a name for herself in the writing
industry/erotic poetry and alternative mindset writing style, Regina Feller is an
upcoming enthusiast.  She enjoys the art and loves to entice the readers mind and
challenge the norm. Living in Richmond Hill with her husband of 5 yrs and is looking
forward to a bright future in the creative arts.
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