Sexual Tensions...
by Christina V. Montgomery

Sexual Tensions

or is it endless desire

wanting you to control

this passionate fire

an incredible urge

for you to have your way

to fulfill every need

if you're willing to play

start at my ankle

slowly kissing up my thighs

teasing my along the way

body temperature starts to rise

moving between my legs

my fingers spread apart my skin

sexual tensions

as you move your tongue in

you can feel yourself getting hard

while your mouth is on my lips

body temperature starts to rise

a taste you can't resist

you watch my fingers move inside

it turns you on even more

sexual tensions

you can't ignore

touching yourself

motions you can't control

this passionate fire

burning deep inside your soul

I say that I want you

to feel you upon my lips

to have you in my mouth

a taste I can't resist

motions I can't control

sexual tensions won't let me be

with you in my mouth

my fingers still inside of me

you've gotten me to the point

I want to feel you between my thighs

deep inside of me

body temperature starts to rise

backed into the wall

my legs wrapped around your waist

such wetness you feel

still wanting another taste

you go down on me again

just one last time

teasing me along the way

like you do all of the time

you pull me to my knees

bent over the back of the bed

body temperature starts to rise

not one word is said

and incredible urge

for you to have your way

to fulfill every fantasy

if you're willing to play...
About Christina V. Montgomery:

Christina is a  32 year old married mother of two beautiful boys. She reside in
Salinas, California and have been writing poetry for 20 years. Christina's first
Straight from the Heart published in May of 2005, which is available on

Christian is also a songwriter for 14 Nashville Country Artists as well as a model.

Please visit her site on MySpace at
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