Shadows of The Flesh
                                       by John F Taylor

                                                       Tied out

                                                   I will take you

                                     A lamb brought to the slaughter

                                           Candles guttering flame

                                       Scent of sweat within the air

                                    The wolf hungers for that which

                                                 Has been denied

                                       Feel my breath hot upon your


                                              Moist tongue sliding

                                 Over your calf shivers run rampantly

                                                   Up your spine

                                             Call out to your God

                                   For tonight your sweet innocence

                                                     Will be lost

                                 To the teeth at your pulsating throat

                                     Howls and screams will be lost

                                       In the shadows of your flesh

                                    As you writhe praying for escape

                                        But hunger is the only thing

                                               Keeping you in this

                                           Mad charade of passion


                                         That is played out through

                                     The dark sides of the souls that

                                                Inhabit humanity
About John Frank Taylor:
John Frank Taylor’s self-proclaimed assault on the literary world can be traced back
to his birth October 14, 1971. Taylor ’s upbringing was greatly influenced by his
“poor, middle-class, white trash upbringing.”  He’s lived most of his life in the culturally
impaired climate of Santee .   Taylor ’s artistic blossoming came to fruition in Room
503 of Santana High School in ‘87-‘88.  “I began writing my senior year, where I was
able to make contact with my friend-teacher-mentor, Michael McLarty .  He helped me
to see that there was a poet, and more importantly, a human that had something to
say inside of me.  All it takes to be a poet is to have something to say,” Taylor says.

          Since that time he’s focused most of his artistic energies into his poetry. In the
past few years, he has written nearly One thousand poems and several short stories
as well as Plays and screenplays. He’s also been published numerous times on the
World Wide Web at such sites as Junkyard Press, Quantum Muse, Free-verse, as
well as others. Taylor has Self-Published three books to date and is currently working
on a novel. He describes his poems as “emotional tangents with a bit of social
commentary thrown in for good measure. They’re me, all the good and bad rolled up
into one; usually more of the bad,” Taylor laughs

Visit his website online at:
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