Shock and Awe
by Richard Beck

Pitter patter
the body wants, builds
to a crave

Sometimes quick
Sometimes smooth

Hold on sweet dreamy feeling

holding on till the moments just
right for the dis-

The release
of all that’s
glorious and sticky down
here where moths
seek light and
the corpses of ants
crunch underfoot.

We are so afraid of all that power
coursing through our veins
well….maybe it’s just me,

What am I
that I can’t even
admit that I love to cum
on my lovers tongue?

I am that animal and more...
About Richard Beck:
Born in Mandeville, Jamaica in 1971, Richard Beck moved to England in 1976 and then made his
way to Toronto in 1977.  Richard graduated from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver British
Columbia in 1996.  He majored in English and studied there for four years.  He has since been
employed as a waiter, a singer in a heavy metal band, a forklift operator, a professional hockey
player, a year 2000 computer consultant and a controls technician at a pharmaceutical company.  
He now holds a Network Specialist Diploma that has allowed him the freedom to pursue a career
while working on his writing career.  This is his first self published work.  He currently resides in
Toronto and has an email address that allows readers to contact him directly with any thoughts,
insights, and questions about his current or future work.  Thank you for
supporting a fresh new writer with years of growth ahead of him.
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