Shower With You
by Josh Crummer

Let’s tear these wretched threads

into tatters and quilts

and immerse ourselves

in the wetness. Let the sheen

of pipe and metal pipe

hush us into Carpathian vows

and let aqua cloak our skin.

Living in sin, your body on mine,

let us hold each other’s hand

as we embrace like a waterfall –

No drain could discard our bond;

water disperses from water

only to reform upon craggy toes

below. Let the steam be our Amazon,

the heat our volcano. Let our

minds feel not touch, but touch –

meld into one, our amoebic state;

return to the ocean, in silence,

in the nude, unashamed.
About Josh Crummer:
Josh Crummer is a poet who is pursuing his MA at Central Michigan
University. His work has appeared numerous areas like Emerge Literary
Journal, Temenos Journal, Penduline Press, and as of recently, here! His
other works of erotica have been proudly featured in previous issues of
Bare Back Magazine over the past two years.
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