Simulacra (excerpt)
by Martin Leonard Freebase

I used to play the accordion and sing you ballads of love
Being pussy-whipped like any other
You wrap your pussy around my face
And I see god for the first time
You expect fat letters
As I spell out your words upon your lips
You are bursting with it
Not worried about my misspellings
Enjoying your wet and warm cunt
I am rock had against the sink
And I will ride your every wave
The curvature of the horizon
I am building in you a fire
A place of no resistance
You never could say no to me
As I tell you about your mother and father
I have made your world a little brighter
I fuck you like a lady then I fuck you like a whore
Which you prefer I can’t remember
I think it matters on the stars
Leaping from style to style
I stab my sentient being inside of you
I am a caveman killing his meat
The first kill before the long winter
To provide for the whole tribe

Filling you with a rustling murmur
Wanting to rip all dignity away from you
To beat you down into the floor
I had to stand in line
There was so many before me
Who wanted it more than I
Sometimes I can be a gentleman
But, not when I’m watching you bullshit on tv
How you pretend to be angry with me
You play with the tv bitches
They are licking up the juices that drip from your pussy
I am amazed at the stupidity of the people
They crawled up inside of you and died
The network brass were very upset
They had to hire new bitches for their morning show
We were banned from every appearing on their network ever again
What do I do?
I only stood by and watched

We are living in an age of fraud
People have become plastic replicas of themselves
Everyone is trying to get something over on the other
Everything is a con
Going on the television and lying to the people
Telling everyone that they are not responsible
Trying to avoid the blame for the sins of their fathers
It is all so absurd and ridiculous

I have realized that I am no different
I have conned you into believing in me
I conned you into loving me
It took some time to convince you, but I did

There is an illumination that comes with pure purpose
I have seen the accomplishment of my true will
I have made you in my image
A thing of horror
You are my masterpiece
To have life snuffed out like a flame
It was such an artistic beauty
Something that only fools can dream of
Their fears prevent them from achieving true greatness
They can only dream of fallowing in my footsteps
But they are only small and weak
You are strong
You are mighty

Everything is loose and breaks off with very little pressure
The mind can become a destructive force
It only takes a little deviation here and there from the course
After several years you can’t recognize the path
Everything looks so strange
Buildings are torn down and weeds grow over everything
Life is nothing but constant change
Everything is in decay
Everything is strange and unrecognizable
Eventually you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror
There is a stranger staring back at you
Grinning at you like an imbecile
About: Martin Leonard Freebase
Martin Leonard Freebase lives in Dubuque, Iowa with his wife, daughter, and a
black and white cat named “Daisy.” Martin’s work is solidly based on the
concept of poetry as a social construction. Through our interactions with
others, we create and recreate meanings that allow us to make sense out of a
chaotic world full of contradictions. Martin considers the art of writing poetry as
one small way of collapsing the confusion of experience into more meaningful
patterns of social thought.

You can find more of Martin’s thoughts at:
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