Somewhere Under The Rainbow
By Ramona Thompson

(An erotic parody of the classic Wizard Oz song Somewhere Over The Rainbow)

Somewhere under the rainbow way down low
Is the land you once dreamed of
Told to you in your naughty nanny's erotic lullaby
Well someday you'll be lucky enough to undress a star
And you'll wake up after to find another lover behind you
Ready to take you
First slow and easy
Then hard and fast
However many times, in however many positions you like
And in your lover's mouth you will melt
Just like lemon drops
Sexy hot wearin'  just a tube top and nothing more
Below your hardened lovin'
With my hungry mouth oh so ready to work
That's where you'll find me waiting

Somewhere under the rainbow
Never again will your swollen horny balls be left blue
And the sweet erotic dreams that you can't dare to dream with your lady love
I will, I really will make them all cum true
If horny cheating men can sex it up under the rainbow
All day and night
24/7 365
Then why oh why baby can't you and I?
Oh why oh why can't you and I?
About Ramona Thompson:
Ramona Thompson has been writing for over 20 years. Her past publishing credits
include appearances in such high profile ezine as Justus Roux Erotic Tales and The
Sensual Venus website for women amoug many others.

Her most recent and upcoming published appearances include poetry in Erotic Tales 2,
Chaotic Dreams, Bareback Magazine, Night To Dawn and Twisted Tongue Magazine.

Ramona has also interviewed many up and coming talents including erotic author Justus
Roux, metal band Boiler, ex Power Ranger actor Matt Austin and many more.

In her spare time Ramona enjoys singing and watching horror films.

Readers and fans are always welcome to write to her with their comments at
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