Song of a Mistress: I sing the body electric
by DJ King,
inspired by the poem by Walt Whitman

I sing the body electric!

The bodies of men and women amuse me and I abuse them.

They are my toys to test, to touch, to torment and to tease

I am their Mistress and I can do with them what I please.

An anatomical appliance for me to plug and play,

To hook them up to devices that I turn up all the way.

I love to turn the voltage up and see how much they can take,

And listen to the beautiful music that their organ makes.

Their bodies are my instruments that I pluck and beat and strike

And despite their screams and crying, I am giving them what they like.

A man’s body in bondage

So big, so hard, so strong

His strength and desire tied up and enslaved,

His muscles pumped, his hair completely shaved.

In the center his dick sticks out, long and hard and thick,

His bulging balls hang in their pouch, there for me to kick.

I fuck his hole with my rubber cock so he knows how it feels

And shove it in even deeper, so I can hear his girlish squeals.

I love to hear his moans and groans as I make his body hurt

And if his sounds make me smile, I may just let him squirt.

The beauty and the softness of women

Her soft rounded ass begging to be spanked.

Juicy gaping holes spread open to lick and fuck

Big bountiful breasts that I love to squeeze and suck.

I tie up her titties that start turning purple in the light

Long perky nipples sticking out for me to pinch and bite.

Then I focus on her pussy, her snatch, her cunt, her slit,

And take out my electric wand and hold it on her clit.

I look in her eyes and share the moment as she succumbs

Taking her past her limits as I make her cum and cum and cum.

After I have abused you, infused you,

And you have given yourself completely to me

I soothe and comfort you, dabbing up your grateful tears

And whisper up close to you, dispelling your pains and fears.

I have drained you and replenished you with my loving pain

And have marked you as my property with my golden rain.

For I love you like a spoiled child loves her favorite toy

And I love all you do for me, whether you be a girl or boy.

I need you and you need me, together we share a common soul

And with our sacred union, we become a greater whole.
About DJ King:
DJ King specializes in writing comic and sado-masochistic erotica, including
short stories, poetry and kinky parodies written in the style of famous authors
such as Edgar Allan Poe, Franz Kafka and Dr. Seuss.   

A collection of his works has been published in a book and is available through
website and from under the title Things to Come by DJ King.

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