Soon From Now
by Dean Jéan-Pierre

In a few hours your body will be replaced
By just your lingering scent
Filling my nostrils with the aroma of our lovemaking
Now, still so strong and vivid
As you lay naked on your back
Your breasts are fast asleep as you are
But your nipples are awake,
Hard and looking to be pleasured once again
Never wanting to deny you anything you crave, even in your sleep
My lips form an O to suckle you gently and you moan
Your body shivers and I run my fingers down your stomach
Making circles in your navel
Instinctively, your legs spread open
I’m left to marvel at the exquisite beauty so few have seen
Blessed I am with the gift of sight tonight
Spread before me is a feast fit for a King
Allow me the gift of pleasuring you as you sleep
Don’t wake, imagine it to be a dream
Pleasure will always be yours my love
You will never be left wanting for anything
When your eyes open the dream will continue
Fantasy and reality will be ours to suspend
For all our days to come
We will spend being everything to each other.

The poem Soon From Now, will be included in the
forthcoming book of erotic poems called,
"Woman Worship".
It should be available early 2007.

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