Status: Married
by Jess C Scott

you show me pictures of your fiancé:
tall, broad-shouldered, studying to be a doctor
then you tell me you don’t know what you’re doing
even though he’s super-good, super-nice

so I say:
Hey, lots of women do that
Marry a rich guy who’s successful
I laugh, you laugh
you ask me if I’ll do the same,
I don’t know--because it’s not just men I’m into

then you suddenly sprawl yourself over me and say:
Kiss me again, Bianca
Like ten years ago when we role-played getting married

I reach over, my hands do the talking
as I gently taste your cherry lips
at my touch you are transformed
as if this act is going to be your last
dresses thrown thongs snapping off as you let go
asking me:
Can I stay
I don’t want to go back
I can’t go back

Sure I say of course
gravity’s sinking in
falling for your old best friend
we hold hands together elbows interlocking
my eyes drinking in your luscious curves
your tongue and mouth getting
to know the scent of my skin
we aren’t
"man & wife"
we don’t need to be:

    it’s just you & me.
About Jess C Scott:
Jess believes that the erotic nature of human beings continues to evolve, along with
the human species itself. Her debut blog/IM novel, EyeLeash, was published in
June 2009 and is available on Amazon.  Jess is currently working on a young adult
series. Her website is

Jess is also a contributing editor for Bare Back Magazine.
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