Such a Beautiful Sight
by Dean Jéan-Pierre

Even with imperfect vision your beauty is apparent
As I devour you with my eyes
You know I want to see you naked
You stand before me naked as the day you were born
Glorious as the stars hanging in the sky
Seductive as a full moon
So perilously close yet so unattainably far
My eyes don't dare blink for fear of missing your every move
Your breasts tease me with their dark big eyes
Seemingly begging to be fondled and caressed so I oblige
Your nipples taste like a ripe plum
Drenched in yearlong sun
Heavy with the weight of passion aching to be released
My mouth plucks it from its branch
The sensation of heated flesh,
The adrenaline rush of your bated breath
The feel of your perfectly rounded ass
Cupped in the caress of my waiting hands
With every taste of you, I savor the moment
Who knows when it will come again...if ever
So for now I will love and devour you
As if it's our last day of existence.

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