by Colin Cross

she danced outrageously
at the nightclub
twirling round and round the floor
on her own
all the guys wanted to dance
with her
but she waved them all away

I got to talk to her
in the dressing room
as we both knew the group
that was playing that night

a few days later
she picked me up from work
on her moped
and took me back
to her cottage in the country
where she made her own wine
and stuffed animals

her housemate made her excuses
and left us alone for the first time
she gave me a couple of glasses
of delicious cooling wine
elderflower I think
and then took me upstairs
to the dining area
where the dog on the chair
I almost stroked
turned out to be a stuffed fox

after we had eaten salad
freshly picked from her garden
she led me to the bedroom
and laying face down
on the bed
asked me to rub sun tan oil
into her

I started with her back
unclipping her bikini top
then rolled her over
and worked on her
mammoth mammeries

slowly slipping down
I removed her shorts
and then the tiny black panties
to which she moaned
"oh no! not my naughties"

I covered her all over
with the oil
and then began to undress

it was amazing
how easily it slipped in
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About Colin Cross:
Colin was born in Brighton, England in 1947. He now lives in Norwich, England where he
has fronted various rock groups and alao recorded cds of his poetry - some with music
backing. Colin has also had over 900 poems + short stories published in underground
magazine and anthologies throughout the UK, USA and Europe. Details of cds and poems
can be found on