Sweet Sensual Valentine's
by Isabella De Laurentis

Moans grow.
Pleasures await.
Sweet tasty juices escape.
Valentine's rich chocolates.

Sweet and sassy.
Passions flare.
Bated breath arises.
Gooey centers tongue licking.

Fragrant as flowers.
Valentine's treasures.
Hot we sizzle.
You search for release.

I search for crème.
My tongue tantalizing you as you ride.
My lovely Valentine design.
Ah, so creamy and smooth.

Crème you do.
Valentine your are mine.
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About Isabella De Laurentis:
Isabella De Laurentis was born in Palermo, Italy. As a child she roamed the country side in search for adventure
and flavor in her life. Her writing has evolved as she has into many areas of this art that brings out her inner soul
and thoughts.

Sensually born Isabella has a kindred knack for sex and the heart. Poetry sensually blossoms to all who would
read her. Isabella's short story books kept the reader alive and vibrant from start to finish as I careen around many
forms of sexual pleasures.

As an adult now Isabella now write in many areas search my soul daily for the flow of openness for many people
who wish to express their ways in romantic elusion or as I say openly your own romantic conclusions. Her goals
are simple in writing. She loves to sensually cast the elements and try to combine all with sexuality casting it all
from the heart deep within for my readers.

Isabella has won many awards for her writing areas but still her sexual side pulls her back to write in many areas
which she is still growing in as I work and learn.

Speaking on expertise my book “The Joining” A Lesbian Love Story shows all the elements of a loving caring
relationship shared during Christmas between two people totally in love. This so far has been my top book seller to
many people who have enjoyed it.

Isabella is always open to email and if anyone would like to contact her you may at:

Her books can be found on Amazon by searching for her name or the following link    CLICK HERE
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