By Kalyani Rajalingham

Darling, breathe the golden grains that fly
Grasp the wind that spills it through
Seek the hand that pours
Under the stars that light the voiceless ocean

Love, glide through the woods
Unearth the leaf that soars through
Find the drop that tinkles in it own light
Under the rain that dazzles the land,

Fear not Sweetheart, I have not abandoned you
I have pursued my poised destiny
To retrieve my stars, my own essence
Under the earth that swathes the vast sky

Beyond and onwards,
Life is a search, of the heart, of the mind
A course on the tracks under my moon
Follow the cloud’s silver lining to find my heart
Under the shield of love
About By Kalyani Rajalingham
Kalyani is Indian origin(but from Montreal- hometown)
She speaks English, French, Spanish, Hindi & Tamil.

Her latest publication include: 'Little black book of poetry: Past
Masters and contemporary artists', 'Immortal Verses'

Her hobbies include:shopping, learning to play my Veenai (fav
instrument!), Painting, Drawing, Writing Poetry, Ice Skating, Playing
my flute, Singing, Dancing (Baradam) , Skiing, Computer
Programming, Badminton, Tennis, Chess.......
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