Synapses Enflamed With Desire  
by Diar               

My longing for him cannot wait.

The temptation to kiss his lips, which

drip with the fluent Macedonian he rattles off

in moments of fierce aggression and loud joking laughter,

cannot be stilled, as he walks away from me,

his perfectly round ass tight in his dark-blue jeans,

his smooth, gypsy-brown chest, shirtless

in the overripe Australian sun,

tormenting me to caress it and embrace him.

His is the figure, naked or clothed,

that seduces me with its youth, its knowing innocence,

yet full of an unknowing naturalness, the yoke

that binds me to him in an electrified harness of wet desire

as I watch him live his life out, playful with an intensity

I cannot ignore, that wrenches me with a hunger for him,

against the backdrop

of the constantly crashing waves that beat the shore

of Manly into submission,

the way his soft brown eyes make me voiceless

with their boyish Mediterranean gaze.

His distance grieves me, and lights a blaze,

a ring of fire round the black scorpion of my flesh, and

I sting myself to death, in an unflattering mix

of lust and Eros, yearning for his thick, thinly-haired thighs

to be wrapped around mine, my teeth

marking up his neck, my hands squeezing his ass cheeks

in a barely resistant surrender to the pleasure

I find in the touch and scent of his skin,

his lips parted in ecstasy, as he hardens against me,

and our bodies enveloped in a breathlessness

as fluid and faint

as the rose-colored sky of tomorrow’s dawn.
About Diar:
Diar is a freelance copy editor/proofreader pursuing full-time work in the editorial division
of the publishing industry. His educational background is in Literature, Art History,
Philosophy, and Religion. He is a poet and critical prose essayist, with several publishing
credits in both genres in print and on the web. His literary field specialization is the long
19th century from the French Revolution through the early Modern novel, with particular
focus on the evolutionary changes of the Gothic, Romanticism, Decadence and
Aestheticism, and Orientalism. His religious and philosophical interests focus on the
various sects of mysticism, as well as Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Overall, he
continues to hold a strong interest in and love for the different aspects of the arts and
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