Take Me

As I strolled gingerly in thought along a moonlit shore
Deep in meditative thought of your silky smooth
And radiantly delightful shapely form
Silhouetted in an open window
With the look of Venus
As your builders guide
Of my temple
Your sexy body
I contemplate
In my vision
I approached you
You, in a most erotic manner turned
Peered at me with those seductively piercing blue green eyes
Those eyes that stimulate passion
Those eyes that orchestrate arousals symphony of delight
Those sensual eyes that beacon me forth
Those eyes that soothes my inhabitations
And free my yearnings from within
To reach out to you
I then grasp your shoulders
And gently pull you toward me
Glaring at your melon sized breast heaving with anticipation
Of our bodies meeting in ecstasy
Our lips merge in a frenzy of passion
Sipping and sucking the pleasures that two hearts can give
As my hands roam the crevasses of your bodies peaks
And moisture filled valleys of intimate delight
Your body shutters as my fingers penetrate the honey filled
Chamber of your inner thighs
As I look in your eyes
They roll back as you moan and grip me tighter
While our tongues explore
Taste and enchant the ever-increasing shivers of pleasure
As G-spots are found and fondled
I then insert another finger into your mounds consumptive delight
As I enjoy suckling your massive breast
While your nipples swell within my mouth
My staff begins to throb as your hands grip and pull
Then with a forceful push you take me to the floor
At the same time des-robbing the both of us in a single stroke
I lay there on my back
The entire time you were still holding my staff
As you milked, gripped, and caressed it
Then with an earth-moving gulp you took me in your mouth
Your tongue darting on the tip of my staff
Coaxing the cream from within to erupt and spew out
Eager to return the pleasure
I rolled you over on the floor
Spread your legs from door to door
With both hands
I parted the swollen doors of your tunnel of love
Inserted my tongue then licked, sipped, and consumed your
honey of love
Then my tongue touched and circled the pearl of your womanly
Causing your pulsating tip to throb with the attention
Soaring you to new heights
As the tension of your climax grows
I feel your body quiver and arch
As your juices flow
Then with a mighty jolt
You bury my face deep in the valley of your silky smooth moat
I hungrily devour all the juices you give
As you moan and whisper
Take me anyway you feel
Take this body baby
Take it till you cream
Take a deep breath
Then insert it again
And take me
For real
What a wonderful vision
How I wish it were real
I will simply put my mind on rewind
And do it again
Finlejam has been writing for the past 40 years, just for
himself, but he enjoys creating mystery with words.. He writes
about what moves him, and the feelings of moments gone
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