Let's Talk About Sex
by DarqueChocolate©

Passion & lust with no regret
My body's yours I'll get you wet.

Let's talk about sex . . .

Our two bodies intertwined.
Wrapped in your legs you wrapped in mine.

I see you smiling head dipped in sweat
Its its like sweet sin with no regret.

Yes, let's talk about sex.

We'll start off slow, but not too fast
Cause when its good sex its got to last.

Take my hands & grasp your hips
Take my tongue & caress your lips.

Then cause a flutter in your eyes, a sudden
shudder in your thighs.

Let's talk about sex.

Sex so soft sweet & sensual, I've stopped
world because I'm so into you.

I want you to be satisfied even before I start
to enter you.

Baby you're just so damn good. . . .

We'll steal a quickie in the shower
Make 15 minutes last an hour.

From the back while I hit that spot
Soaking wet, but oh so hot

Yes, let's talk about sex . . . .

So if you want me, you can have me
call me up if you feel weak.

You got my number babygirl, call me I'll be
your freak.  
©2006 by DarqueChocolate
All rights reserved.
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