Taste Of Ecstasy
by Anna M Williams©

I sigh...

Warm breath slides from between
my moistened lips, brushing against
the softness of your waiting mouth.
What I breathe out, you draw in,
sharing the air, and more.

I tremble...

With anticipation, as
fingers touch exposed skin,
I press closer, kiss firmer.
Tasting sweetened lips,
hunger stirs from deep within.

I wait...

for you to make the next move,
as hands search for places
yet untouched by both.
Exploration of you,
I kiss flesh un-kissed before.

I breathe...

Warmth upon you.
Sweat glistens on hard,
pulsing, waiting flesh.
Tastes of you and me mix
on my searching tongue.

I give in...

To you, and ecstasy’s waiting arms.
The sweet, salty taste of you
lingering still upon my lips,
as you drink from my
overflowing cup.
Devour Me

Fingers trace curves,
flesh exposed to subtle
moonlight leaking
in through
curtains drawn.
Hungry hands devour
naked skin.
Feasting on the banquette
spread before you.
Soft round mounds with
hardened peaks glisten
with lovers dew.
Waiting, wanting lips to
enclose around skin.
Fingers search for
flesh untouched yet,
eager to find sweet moist
folds of waiting flesh.
Legs tremble as lips
separate soft pink petals,
About Anna Williams:

Anna Williams was born in Long Island, NY to Anna and Julian Williams. Most of her childhood
was spent on Long Island. In 1990 she moved with her family to New Jersey. She has written
under the name Anna M. Sargent and is the author of Into My Heart: A Poetic Journey of
Love and Swallowed By Darkness. She also has been featured in such publications as Poetic
Voices, Northern Star Magazine, and Horrotica , just to name a few. When she is not writing,
Anna enjoys painting and other artistic adventures such as Mosaics, Pottery, and Sketching.
For most of her adult life, she has been surround by art in it's many forms.

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