Taylor Swift
by Scott Matthew

a place in the world the outside tied together with a smile
refuses to stay beautiful
and dissolves from teardrops on my guitar
as a to burn picture – cold as you
achingly crooned by tim mcgraw
encored by mary’s song – essentially our song
drenched with implication we “should’ve said no”.

fearless at fifteen awakens love story
whispering softly as invisible one might breathe
“hey Stephen – you belong with me”
riding  alone on a white horse
which neighbor at bay would tell me why
you’re not sorry
the way I loved you
forever & always
each memory the best day
that seemed never to change!

dear john
speak now
back in december
when sparks fly
I mean
the story of us
how we felt
enchanted never to grow up
long live that innocent last kiss
better than revenge!

the civil wars
now trampled the hunger games
among safe and sound feat!
About Scott Matthew:
A typical January thirteenth in the year nineteen hundred and fifty nine
pronounced the only male heir (christened Master Matthew Scott Harris) to one
Boyce and Harriet Harris. Now fifty three years and eleven months (as a
passenger aboard planet Earth) ellipses round el sol, this common man tends to
his own family. Two lovely lasses the apples of me myopic eyes!
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