Tell Me
by Sweetmari

Tell me what you want
Just let me know
You can lick my body
Like an ice cream cone
You can make a good girl
commit to sin
You can take me places
I've never been
You can do to me, things I never known
You can have me telling how my back
was blown
Tell me what you wish
I grant it quick
You can eat it up
Like your favorite dish
Tell me your desire
I'll let you taste
Keep it grown and sexy
there's no time to waste
Sweetmari is from Brooklyn, NY. She is a  twenty-nine year old single mom
who works full time as a marketing representative for a well known
community health insurance company.  She's written over 100 poems, all
diverse topics.  Three have been featured in anthologies.  Sweetmari
received two editor's choice awards as well. Her first love is writing.  Poetry
has saved her from a lot of pain she has endured in life.  Through poetry
she has found happiness,
through poetry she lives...
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