by Chocolatezeus©

Our spot
Our time
here and now
The culmination
Of our love and lust

Thongs removed
Your lips glistening
Awaiting my fine dining
I lick my lips
Tongue delved deeply
Opening your love chasm

Moans caress my hearing
Lick after lick bringing you more
You at me working your lips
My mouth molten pleasure
Giving you my oral gifts

You moan
I need that dick
I tell you to stroke it
As your hand grabs the dick
Feeling it grow in your hand
Thick, chocolate
Nice and stiff

Spreading silken thighs
Dripping wet
My prize
I sigh as I slip inside
Wrapped in a fine velvet lining
My moan belies my mind
Ecstatic to be inside

Stroke for stroke
Your legs wrap around me
Holding me close
Head penetrating deep throes
Looks of passion our mental zone
Churning our personal frothy foam
Holding you close
Your legs gripping my back

Splash, splash
This is what I waited for
Comes to mind
It was the only thing that would satisfy

Throbbing members
Blood boiling
I can't stop entering
Pulling you on me
Deep sea diving

My head swollen in its endevour
My pleasure
Gone beyond an understandable measure
You ask me
Are you fucking me
My dick stroking deeper in you
My reply

Our time draws nigh
I don't want to end this time
My body craving more and more
I won't deny
Satisfaction merely the first taste
Of this Ultimate delicious pie

Wetness coating my dick
Slipping out with that wetness
Drip, drip, drip
Seperation anxiety
I don't want to leave the warm wetness of
your cavity

A soft pop
Your muscles release
My last licks of ecstasy
Leaving the last shudders of your body

Our spot

A moment in time
One that will never
Fade from existence
About Chocolatezeus

Chocolatezeus was born in the USA has traveled and lived in Japan , Germany ,
Hawaii as a child and teenager. At the age of 12 Chocolatezeus found an interest
in writing, short stories and poetry.  This interest continued to develop during his
college years at UNC Charlotte. After college while working in the IT field he
continued his love of travel and writing and his interests expanded into erotica.  
His hobbies include science fiction, drawing and comic books. He currently is
single and resides in the Atlanta area where he is working on a book of short
stories and poetry.
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