The Christmas Call
by  Erotica Writings©

I sit by my window watching the snow fall
Hoping tonight that you will call
I still feel your lips from your kiss
As I stood under the mistle toe feeling such bliss
A smile covers my face as the phone rings
My wetness pours from your sensual whisperings
My hips twitch as my fingers fondle between my thighs
Your breathing becomes intense from my moans and sighs
My nipples harden like Christmas candy
You tell me to get my vibrator you call handy
My hips now buck as Handy and I fuck
My wetness and juices leads us both to an explosive scream
Tonight we fulfilled a fantasy, a dream.
Merry Christmas baby
Author Erotica Writings has been published in Literotica, A sex stories,
kristydolls  bdsm ezine and Satin sheets publishing. She has her digital
audios on sale through cdbaby. She is 49 years old, resides in N. Central
Florida with her husband Frank. Ms. Writings has been writing since 2003
after she retired from her all female window cleaning company in South
Florida where her  four daughters and mother still reside.

Please visit her site at
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