The Down Side
by Tina M. Courtney©

He wants to know what it feels like
To suck him senseless, to stroke my lips across
A swollen cock, to know the flavor of
Masculinity, the potent fluids and flaps that
Drift along my taste buds,
Making my nerves pulse and jitter as his body
Tenses, as my fingers probe and ponder
Everything that makes him
Shudder, anything that speaks of my
Hunger – and I do, you know – I fucking
Crave this.

The taste is like acid and buttermilk
From the first delectable
That I slide him between my
Lips, letting them tickle the tip like
The swoosh of a cat’s tail,
Sailing across his skin, curving my tongue around the
Stem, closing my eyes and taking this
I trace my fingers down his chest, drifting to the
Sides, feeing the
Pulses and
Quivers, and the first audible groan
Releases – the most beautiful, perfect
Sound.  My body comes alive with
Anticipation, and I start to find my
Rhythm, moving up and down in time with the
Hip thrusts – so subtle, so barely there I know they are
I raise my eyes to see his face,
Still sucking him down,
And he isn’t there anymore,
Falling into the recesses of his
The pressure along my tongue
And my cheeks flex to match this
Tension, my mouth jerks up with more
Intention, my transparent mission dripping down
His shaft, sifting into his pores, making him glide
And grind against the back of my throat.
I wonder, what is he feeling, what might be
Reeling inside and beneath his gooseflesh,
His rigid muscles, his swelling desire.

Another moan, another trigger that sends me into
Robotic, frantic motions, rubbing my lips against
His co ck, tasting the first droplets of
Expulsion, sliding my hands beneath his shaking thighs,
Squeezing his balls as I seek to drain
Him, pushing my fingers beneath the gelled masses,
And he thrusts fiercely into my face now,
Pubic hair tickling my eyelids, my spit a river that
Retraces the constant movement, the flow of friction
Sliding back and forth as he starts to tell me of the
Impending release,
And I am numb now, my lips so chafed, so overex-
Posed and exhausted, so ready to know the taste, the
feel -
I am moving so quickly my eyes slam shut and still I am
Dizzy, I feel my body shake and twitch in time with his,
Involuntary, letting the ecstasy of the moment wash
Over us like a giant tidal wave,
And his pelvis plunges into me with a primal
Passion as I hear the Ohhhhhhhh explode from his lips,
And it sounds like a thousand decibels of drum and
Rising up through his body and out through my eyes
And I take note of the pressure and take note of the
A little like Chlorox, a little like butterscotch,
And then I know he is
And then I feel he is
Coming, and I thrust as deep as I can, letting the fluids
Down my open throat, meshing with my stomach bile,
Acknowledging the millions that just dropped into
My insides . . .
And then the ultimate relax-
Ation, his body falling into my
Palms, his breath frozen, then
Letting go,  a breeze of
Gratitude, lingering with undeniable
Contentment.  I release my grip and rise up to meet
Face to face, wordless, our eyes linked into
Bottomless secrets, and unspeakable
Tina M. Courtney, aka PoetKitty, is a single writer, a proud Gemini, and an insatiable
adventure-seeker. From skydiving to romping through the Amazon, she’s living it, and
trying to capture each essence through the written word.  She lives at the base of the
Hollywood sign, but her real home is a dance floor. She’s crazy about online dating,
loves jury duty, and she makes a mean homemade pie.
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