by AJ Evans©

I had a dream about you the night before last. I had a dream about you
it happened so fast.
I had a dream about you, you just wouldn’t believe. It began with you
stroking my body ever so tenderly.

You were licking my body in such a tender way. You caressed my body
with your strong manly hands. Never for one moment leaving my body bare.
Your hands, my blanket my body never felt the air.

This dream left my body shaking and very scared.
Your tender loving body pressed firmly against mine. Just couldn’t wait
to feel you come inside.
Our bodies covered in a pool of sweat. Believe me so much more was
soaking wet.

I don’t know why this dream was so deep in my mind, though it felt so
real, all just fantasized
I laid wrapped up with you for what was left of the night, thinking and
wondering why this didn’t feel right. Then it came too me, the reason
was clear. This was just a dream, though very real.

You had my body pulsating and yearning for your touch, why was this
attraction consumed by lust.
This dream was so careful, so soft, so real, my heart was pounding with
every move, every feel.
How perfect you felt inside my skin, we couldn’t stop and let it end.

Feeling your body I could not stop. You were more then a mouthful, lick
to the last drop.
I thought you were the sexiest man I’ve ever seen, never thought you in
my mind could create such a dream.

So clear it was to the naked eye, this dream I had made me yearn to
feel you inside.
Hot and heavy it appeared to be, hard long strokes you were giving me.
Awakened in a hot wet sweat, my body on fire and me out of breathe.
My body was awakened by the thought of your touch. More then on fire, I
was totally in lust.
I awakened you by kissing your chest, I think you know where my lips
went next.

I’m not asking that we jump into bed, we are nothing but strangers, not
even friends.
Strange not to even know your name, yet I’ve felt you touching me in
places most woman would feel ashamed.

I hope this brings pure excitement to your mind and brings you to
anticipate our first time.

The heat you brought about between my legs, you put my body on fire,
how could something so wet feel like it was going up in flames.
Your hands felt so good rubbing up and down my thighs, but nothing
could compare to how good it felt once you trusted it inside
About AJ Evans

AJ Evans is a  woman who has lived life to the fullest. She enjoys everything, and finds a poem to
write from any situation or word. She is filled with passion and love. AJ grew up in Queens, NY
and now reside in the Bronx.

"I enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Enjoy my roar passion you see and imagine my thoughts and
know they are powerful..." ----AJ Evans.
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