Sisters Born Of Similar Thoughts
by Austell Silverton©

Ambience and Action, Motion and Mood…

So you hunger for another

With a similar "skinship" of your kind

Sisters born of similar thoughts

Sharing each other’s minds

I do not mind

Nor does my agreement exist

In any difference

In the halls of your values

And morals

Yet never feel

Repulsion from me

Any disgust, or fuss, or quarrel

Actually the interpretation

Is kind of kinky

A taboo so risqué

A shock to me

But in retrospect your truth seduced me

See, the fact that you trust me

And know that the facts will never leave my mouth...

Yet, never think I want to play tag

In a three way

Unless I was passionately invited

To watch or touch, satisfy and lust

The thought of you only leaves me excited

For now I see, beyond how we're built physically

That as man and woman roles can switch

So, if I am ever composed to reveal my emotions
between "interludes"

I can be the "irresistible" bitch

But by no means am I calling you out

Defaming women's feelings or fame

I am a man by all means with needs and dreams

And I want to share elements that are human

All the same.
The "D" spot!

I will admit I no longer have any

Anxiety or expectation

Of what we may or may not engage...

I'm only happy to be invited for the ride...

When you initiate action or conversation

I am far more aroused

Than when I simply toss

Loose fantasies and flirt

In a horny attempt

To satisfy my inborn need

For "missionary" satisfaction

In all honesty

I was ready when you held "me"

In the perfumed and lotioned

Curves of your creamy, yellow hands

The careful touch

The subtle motion handled

For the benefit of what pleases "me"

It was a commendable endeavor

However, you never seemed to find the spot

And yes, even men have a spot dubbed the "D" spot!

In comparison to the "G" spot

And I smile knowing

The time will come when you will

Envelope me in what many imagine

And I see

As your carnal mystery

And you will teach me

The esoteric topography

Of your hidden enigmatic divinity

And my entire "person" will be

Emptied and completed

Only to fill with the thirst

To satisfy your stress and aggression

For unequivocal orgasms...
I Crave You

I crave you

To have the taste of you

In my mouth

Like afterglow in a bed

Stained with the elixir

Of physical love

That would perfume my soul

From our lips to our loins…

We engage in deep licking and sucking

Our liquid stress…

Thoughts pass through my mind

Like soft rain through silk

Of you in an oval-shaped cup

Porcelain in its appearance

Filled with luke-warm cocoa

And your strong "cymbals" of

Female superiority

Floating like carmel-filled marshmellows

Upon that sugar-filled sea

Oh, how I would watch

The chocolate pass into you

And drink a mixed drink

Of your most cryptic flavor

Is an intense concoction of lust

That would surround us

And I would drink of your relief…

I would be my honor

In serving you

And receive the baptism of your heart

Because in such a relationship

I will always obey

Your most taboo desires

We would slide through each other’s intimacies!

And bubble over the brim of this cup

And others could only fathom the source

Of such a thick fusion

That they would never guess

Would be shared between me and you...
About Austell

Austell Silverton is originally from Cincinnati, OH. He attended Ohio University in Athens, OH and graduated
with a Bachelor's degree in English Education. He taught high school English for two years: He current lives
in Atlanta. Austell is pursuing a combination of careers in poetry, book writing, and music. Austell believes
that all things in the universe are connected; all philosophies and religions are valid; and at the source of
this balance is creation. After numerous discussions with friends, skeptics, professors, confidants, and
strangers he decided to compile two books. One book entitled Inner Thoughts, Outer Actions; it is a book
of facts, opinions, and ideas on creation, government, love, and purpose.The other book he has compiled
is one that rejuvenates the union between intellect, libido, and the soul that so many cultures have

This ideology leaves the feeling that eroticism is bestial and beneath the better good of society, when in
fact, the balance between the intellect, libido, and the soul, enables societies to be healthy. Such healthy
societies embrace and maintain a number of noble concepts and practices such as monogamy,
commitment, and the basic need for love. One major way in which we are all similar and yet differ, is that we
all embrace the concept of sharing and expressing lust and love through sex. No matter our orientation, we
all embrace human touch, experimentation with stimulation, and the elation of sharing joyous orgasmic
memories, full of comfort and care with someone special. Here lies the essence of the book,
which addresses the ebb and flow among our souls, our emotions and our excitement. This excitement is
experienced in the amalgamation of strokes,  kisses,  licks, fellatio, cunnilingus, grips; sweat; heat;
secretions, saliva, the coital union! and so many other desired elements, in moments of passion.

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