The Fellatio of Your Love
by Darren Austin Hall

It’s funny that

After all those romantic poems I wrote you

With all their enchanted words, fragrant adorations, angel-seeking

My fondest memory of you, the one I believe best represents your love

Is that day you came to my apartment and tried with all your resources

To make me cum from fellatio

Because up to that point, after numerous occasions of my lingam

In your summer of a mouth

I had never been able to give it the gift

Of my seed

I know it was a burden for us both:

 You undeservedly felt it depreciated your worth as a lover

 And I felt it a sign of my bashful libido

 Which was too afraid to dance with all of its abandon

And so, on this day, you came to my apartment

With lovingness blazing in your determined emerald eyes

Like a fire no water could convince of its perviousness

I was taken aback but let you lead me into delight

Without a hint of hesitation, without a pinch of a fight

You led me into my bedroom and sat me on my futon

Behind which the moonlight poured through windows around us

Like a garland from Aphrodite

As you kneeled before me

You were so changed – there was such Goddessness in you

The quiver of a Queen in your every order

You did away with my pants and went to work on my inhibitions

You took my lingam in your knowing hands

And with wet licks of your fiery tongue, artful caresses of your nimble

You began what can only be described as

An act of worship

Bathing me in words of incandescent longing

I could only gaze at you

With eyes of sacred wonder

And of love

You were like a warm wind sailing into the deepest, cold caverns of me

Where my own love and desire were chained to their walls

Shivering with fear

You melted so much of me, dear one

You took the lantern of our love from my hands into yours

Held it up into the gloomy mystery of time

Took my hand

And led us into a deeper dance

Where prayers became coupling angels


I still could not cum

But I want you to know

That as I held your face in my hands

Tears standing and smiling on the cliffs of my eyelids

As I was dissolved in your courage

And your light

I knew

The love of Woman

And its eternal sacrifice

And I knew it was forever foolish

To try and hold that lantern

It’s yours, baby

Your natural, holy right.
Darren Austin Hall: After recently returning from living and teaching in
China for three years, Darren decided to continue his Oriental
experience by enrolling in the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto
where he is currently studying Chinese medicine. An avid student of
mysticism, Darren spends his free time liberating his Self from delusion,
praying to the Goddess, singing ecstatic songs on his guitar and trying to
awaken the world to the beauty within.
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