The Goddess Erotica
by Laura©

Erotica stands naked beside her floral
seductively she smiles while gargoyles
toll the midnight hour.
When fantasy becomes reality to be
played out upon the lawns,
much frolicking and seductiveness,
risqué and quite ribald.
When naked Gods and Goddesses no
longer chaste, beware.
All are uninhibited completely without

Soft milk white breasts dance freely as
they run amidst the flowers. While lusty
Gods take to the chase hard driven by
sexual powers.
Desirous of soft moistened lips to touch
erogenous zones. Soft
sighs are heard but not a word.
Occasionally guttural moans.

Erotica stands suggestively her eyes
ablaze with light.
Provocatively she ponders, who is worthy
on this night, of my lust
and of my greed, my insatiable appetite.
For sensual bliss, an
engaging kiss, my need for pure delight
and capable to match
my prowess throughout this endless night.

The chosen one is THOR, God of Thunder
whom she trusts,
who on more than one occasion has fully
satisfied her lust. She
calls his name aloud and he is quickly at
her side. "EROTICA"
he hisses before plunging deep inside
and holding fast her
buttocks rocks her purposefully till she's
fraught, till like
a clap of thunder his ejaculation wrought.

Erotica screams from pure delight her
climax brought to bear,
her breasts pressed hard against his
chest, hands grasping at
his hair. Her legs once wrapped around
him now unfold and fall
away, her toes now touch the dewy grass
amid whispers of
"Erotica stay."

The night it seems is endless, full of
passion, lust, desire. Till
both are satiated, extinguished now their
fire. God Pan plays
soft upon his pipes, most Goddesses lay
sleeping. A tireless
God desires no sleep he searches for more
pleasure, a fornicator
filled with lust seeks Goddesses of equal

As night slip quietly into day, Gods and
Goddesses fade away,
while gargoyles watching from high
places, smile, accentuating
their ugly faces.
©2006 by Laura
All rights reserved.
Born in Britain, Laura emigrated to Canada in 1957. She has always had an interest in writing but was
unable to find the time until retirement. Having had two novels published, she now is in the midst of
taking a Children's Literature course. She recently self published a book of poetry.

Laura is quoted in saying:" All forms of writing are interesting to me, but my absolute love is poetry in all
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