The Heat
by Nyah Storm

Sitting here,
I wish she’d hurry up
It’s hot, and I’m tired,
Licking my lips
For just a little moisture,
To save my lips,
The sun blinds my eyes,
The shadowy figure
He sat down,
Stared talking
The sound of his deep voice,
Seduced my ears
He enticed my eyes,
With his full lips,
We started talking
Laughing about meaningless jokes,
His stare
Became electric fire,
To revive my blood
His lips whispered,
I want you
I couldn’t breathe,
He took me
Sitting there,
Our lips touched,
In an ignition of passion
I couldn’t control myself,
My body went limp,
My tongue devoured his,
His fingers,
Caressed the very
Arch in my back,
Things went crazy,
Clothes became,
A hassle,
Our body heat
His fingers massaged my body,
The stares from people
Caused a sexual excitement,
To rip through my body
We made-love,
Right outside
Lost in only,
Our sounds of lust
Each thrust,
Felt like a wave of pleasure
Falling over me,
He took my breath away,
I couldn’t help
But to shiver,
The thickness of his
Tantalized my senses,
I think I went crazy
Cause I felt a tear,
I felt like
The girls in the movies,
Every touch screamed
For more,
I wanted to soak in his soul
To lose myself,
Inside of him
I heard him call
My name,
I moaned in pure delight
Suddenly our bodies
Wet with sweat and pleasure
This feeling of pure ecstasy,
Overcame our bodies
We held each other,
Listening to the shortness
In our breath,
Our stares were intense
We got dressed,
In nothing but silence,
We weren’t alone,
Sitting on the bench,
It’s hot
My eyes opened,
To sound a loud horn
My ride was here,
I looked up
Tried to re-collect
My thoughts,
I turned,
To tell Him,
This mystery man,
Just how thankful
I was,
Just how good he
I wanted to exchange info
To make him,
But he wasn’t there,
My ride sat in front of me,
Shaking my arm
My eyes opened,
The heat played a trick on me
It was only a dream
About Nyah Storm

Nyah Storm is a native of Washington, D.C., with a B.S. in Psychology, which gives
her erotic novels a psychological twist. A writer since childhood, Nyah honed her
writing skills through her poetry. Debuting with Confessions of A Sex Therapist on
March 15, 2007, she will follow up with her sophomore effort, Lustful Inhibitions, on
June 15, 2007.  When Nyah is not writing, she is curled up in a corner with a book or
chilling out to music.

Please visit her site at
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