The Oral Lesson: Under The Standing of Helen
by Steven Digman©

“A Woman’s true love is demonstrated by controlling the uncontrollable
semen of a man’s thought. It is a delicate; but not always delicate, non-
extraction process of sexual purification. It should be her thoughts first,
and her thoughts last, and his thoughts… only if she chooses. This is
the orgasm of her love – The religion of her body, combined, with the
inquisition of her mind.”

Helen stopped reading and looked inquisitively down at her husband.
“Do you understand what she’s saying?” she asked demurely; cupping
her thighs over his ears to listen for his answer more intently. She
waited for the right words, and then, erotically on cue, she continued to

“There should be no explanation point-less of his tongue. When he
answers, it should be to please, and when he questions, it should be,
how to please. This is the ejaculation of her self earned interest – That
when she breathes; he must, inhale.”

Helen paused, taking a deep breath and moaned as she opened up the
book even deeper.  She watched as her husband talked; whispering,
his head nodding up and down “Yes, and then a long Y e s”;
rhythmically, moving from each perfect “Yes” to yet another, as he
salivated gently between the paragraphs of her legs.

She snuggled up comfortably, and covered herself warmly with the pink
blanket of his mouth. Her hips were arching out in more words; aching
now… begging to be further heard:

“The principle of female autonomy in marriage is the same as if she
were single.  He should be more than one man to her; an ever
changing cause to the ever changing whim of her effect. And this cause
- her love for herself - should be so intense and so irresistible to him;
that without her, he can not eat dessert, but will starve. And this should
be his only nutrition - the sex of her thought.”  

Helen fell together suddenly as she closed the book down and around
him. She felt him rustling between the damp pages, trying to crawl with
his tongue in; desperately, struggling for breathe, luxuriously – as that
was the only way out – the door leading back in; the door – Helen
shuddered – to her orgasm!   
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