Theory of Two
by Rhonda Laurel

You remind me of tepid breath on the back of my neck
Sending rhythmic waves to unmentionable places.

An inconspicuous brush up against my arm in a public place
Feels more like you touching the small of my back,
pulling me closer to you.

A lingering glance riddled with the possibilities of
A sensuous encounter on a rainy day.

Heaven only knows if you have these thoughts as well.
If there is a heaven then probably do.
And I am embarrassed having pulled you into this fantasy.

Inviting you in would be like getting stuck in an elevator.
An instant vestibule of sin.
Or maybe possibilities?

This game would so much more fun if you were involved.
So much for the theory of two.
About Rhonda Laurel:
Rhonda Laurel lives in New Jersey and works at a mortgage company while pursuing
her dream of being an author.  She began her writing career in 1995 with her first
written, first published short story Playing For Keeps.  She has been published in The
Writer Post Journal, the essay My Familiar in October 2004 and the poem Roots in
August 2004, the essay Work Drone on 400, and poems to be published in
the August 2007 issue of The Concelabratory Shoehorn Review.  In addition to poetry,
she also writes short stories, essays and novels.  She is currently working on a novel
with a compelling heroine that she hopes to bring to life in serialized novels in the future.
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