The Peach
by Christajg

What is the peach

It makes us women preach

For more and more and more


A peach sends chills down your spine

Who’s is it? Mine

Slippery when wet

Yes, you bet

The fuzzy layer of endurance

That makes you feel an assurance

That only another lover could allow you to feel

You think in your head, is this for real?

As they softly slide their tongue around the peach

As the first layer begins to peek

The Peach begins to become wetter and wetter

As your tongue and your lips begin to work as a team and work

To send this woman into a dream

A dream of passion

A dream to receive a waxin

As your chin collects extra juices

As your lips and tongue continue producin

Then you reach

The Nut

Now I know you know what a Peach is……
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Christajg loves to write and put together positive programs for the
youth. She moved to Hampton VA. in 2005 and has made a great
impact on the communities.

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