"The Perfumed Garden"
by Al Glendinning

Last night emotions left the silk sheets creased and stained,
although the heady scent of the sexual chemistry sensuality

Upon the naked and entangled bodies, that still glistened with
beads of lust

Forever wrapped in a tryst that was sealed and kissed with
hedonistic trust.

That captured and heightened each moment when the
gentlest of touch was

And spontaneous movements of pleasure could be treasured,
but never

As one whisper of breath had left her, with thoughts she could
barely control

She had sent out subconscious signals, which throbbed from
deep down in her soul.

To move her beyond the Carnal Clench and give honour to
the wand of light

Performing the Lingam massage with technique that lasted
well into the night.

Where missionary wasn't monotony, more, a breathless erotic
bliss where sensitivity and rhythm was just the genesis.

That took the secret rendezvous, to where love vista became
clear though it was difficult, emotions moved into an unfamiliar

Of hidden depth, that more or less was a mystical tantric art
And oriental relaxation played its primal part

To both giver and receiver, while the sheets were creased
and stained

And the perfumed garden was sown with the seeds from the
beast that roamed untamed.

In the Yoni receptive crescent that quivered with heightened
mood with the perpetual movements that multiplies the scent
of womanhood.

That lingers as if incense held by Shakti hands

And fuels the power and passion of a heart that will demand
the spark of primordial energy that awakens the soul within
to fertilize the perfumed garden, with the warmth of yang and

Perhaps the night and its stolen passion is just the start of a
wonderful sin !
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About Alan Glendinning
Alan has had some 30 poems published by a variety of British and American Imprints
and has performed his work and has had it read by others on radio. He performs his
poetry in his unique Technoactive poetry project and has his feet firmly on the ground.
Alan is an associate member of The Radio Academy.

Not only a progressive and Technoactive poet, Alan has previously been awarded for his
poetry and for his achievements of excellence in the field of Country music lyric writing

His poems are clearly expressed and easily understood and he uses simple language to
write about the large issues of life, such as the power of the word over the sword and the
destruction of the planet to poems that encompass all aspects of daily and night time life.

His aim is to write poetry for others so that whether they choose to simply enjoy or
interpret his work they will feel as if they are the writer, the reader and the audience.

In short, he'll  take you Beyond the beat!

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