The Rose
by Mirek  Drozd

              I adore the moments
         when your rose kiss me,
     As it opens her buds
         embracing me impatiently

         The moist lips of petals
  invites me into its red inside
    only one
                           in a miraculous garden
          your rose
        never wilts,
In a continuous cycle  
            of awakening and sleep  
      It opens itself and closes
when I'm inside,
and when I go away  
I know its aroma by heart   
I take care of it by tender touch
I always kiss it good night  
 feeling a taste of slacking petals   
 sprinkled by rain of my pleasure   

I fell in love

I fell in love
with your palms
in very gentle glows of caress
when you touch
edges of my heart..

I fel in love
with your gleaming smile
I know what you want from me
when your lips
are half-opened...

I fell in love
with your red
most beautiful place
when I am within it
today or tomorrow
I know
that you are
that you will be
for me
for ever
Mirek Drozd was born in Poland and live near Warsaw in the small town of Otwock. Mirek is A professional
optician, who now work in logistics, and spends his free time exploring and refining his interests in digital

Mirek has been inspired  by the work of Salvador Dali and some other fantastic painters/surrealists.
Digital artwork is the most important thing in his life now. he  wrote poems Before he fell in love pith 3D .
Most of his poetry is erotics.

Mirek also enjoys writing books that are. Quasi sci-fi. So far he has published his poems only on portals of
art in Poland but he intends to publish some of his work
as book one day..please visit his homepage
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