The Sky's Seduction
by J. M. Kauftheil

Watching the clouds
The grass to my spine
I enjoyed the effects
Of a few glasses of wine
Admiring the sky
For her mesmeric grace
I reached up my arms
Longing for her airy embrace
She understood me
My lustful request
And she sailed down
Against my warm chest
Upon my lips she laid
A starlight twinkling
Of a gentle kiss
As she plucked a heart string
Her eyes, an abyss
Filled with wishing and want
The setting sun lingered there
And the stars still haunt
A fountain of a color
Violet indigo blue green yellow orange red
Flowed in ocean waves
From her azure head

She undressed me
With a delicate care
I relieved her of a smokescreen cloud
Letting it float off in the air
Her nipples bright stars
A shimmer, a glint
Gave her bosom's chroma
A fading tint
Down lower
Between early morning thighs
The breaking dawn;
A new day's sunrise
She spread her legs
My sky was clear
I ventured, like the first pilot
Into her troposphere

Bon Appetit

Have you never tasted
Lust in another body?
Then let my entirety
Be a feast to you.
I urge you, Starving Stranger
Consume all you like.
Be Fearless about it!
And let me make a banquet
Of your un-gnawed design,
As I have sampled other skins before,
Each leaving a Hunger
Greater than before.
You may have everything of me,
And I¢ll take delight in your whole.
As long as there is hunger,
Devour! Take all you can!
Lick the meat of the bone.
Suck out the marrow, if you wish,
And allow me to drain your cup.
It¢s not greed,
But Nature!
Take everything, Hungerer,
Juices, flesh, even blood!
Take all you crave and more!

The table is set for you.
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About J. M. Kauftheil:
J. M. Kauftheil started writing when he was fourteen; a girlfriend
turned him onto erotica a month later.  J. M. has been writing ever
since, expanding his repertoire, but erotica has stuck as his
specialty. That's where he found his niche.

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