by Hollywood James

We were sitting in the living room

when lightning lit up the sky

In the distance we heard thunder

and the clouds began to cry

I was sitting in my shorts

as sweat dripped down my face

The humidity was horrible

Maybe the storm would cool this place

My wife she sat across from me

in panties and a bra

black and lacy garments

that made me stare at her in awe

I could see her small, dark nipples

as she sat and read her book

I began to get aroused

admiring her beauty is all it took

Her sexy legs and perfect ass

her long black, silky hair

No other woman in the world

to me…ever could compare

She raised her head and looked at me

noticing the erection  I now had

I pulled it out and stroked it

she smiled…saying, “You’re so bad.”

She threw the book onto the couch

moving close to me

lightning flashed…the lights went out

and neither of us could see

She then jumped up, on the couch

her feet…on the outside of my thighs

facing the other direction

her ass level with my eyes

She bent her knees just slightly

leaning forward towards my cock

She stroked, and licked, and teased it

I thought, “Oh my God…don’t stop.”

With her sexy ass in front of me

I smelled her pussy…strong and sweet

I moved her panties to the side

and with my tongue I began to eat

The angle was extraordinary

as I moved my tongue around

Between her slit, around her clit…

…across her asshole…perfect, pink, and round

She sucked my cock much harder

when I slid my tongue in deeper

The juices in her pussy

were getting so much sweeter

I knew she was about to cum

her ass slamming me as she rocked

she fucked my tongue with precision

as she stroked and sucked my cock

Like a Fourth of July grand finale

As we came in each other’s mouths

Lightning flashed and thunder crashed

shaking the entire house

When two of us were finished

feeling content  and physically drained

We cuddled on the couch…closing our eyes

listening to the rain
About Hollywood James
Hollywood James is a published writer of three books which are currently on the
market.  In addition to writing, he has experience in radio, acting, and
filmmaking.  His never-ending goal is to write, direct, produce, and star in his
very own full-length major motion picture.  In addition to his writing talent,
Hollywood James also creates erotic art through digital photography
manipulation.  His writing specialty is non-fiction, specifically, horror, erotic
horror, and erotic poetry.  He also provides web content for and, providing insight into sex, sexuality, and how to improve one's sex
life.  "Sexy Thoughts of Lust, Love, & Admiration - Vol. One" {Erotic Poetry}  
"The Mission of the Four Vamps - Pt. 1" {Erotic Horror} and "The Immortal Ten -
Spell of the Briarcliff Witch" {Fantasy} are his current titles now available on in paperback or for download on Kindle.
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