About Coilean Grimmett

Coilean Grimmett is 36 years old and lives in Ohio.  He has been writing for 25 years
and hopes to write until the lights go out.
The Touch
By Coilean Grimmett II ©

My hand, slightly shaking, reaches out to you
Touching your lips, a rose’s bloom,
Moist, open, inviting desire
A gentle torture the lover’s fire.

Our lips softly touch,
heavenly bliss
Tongues slightly touching- fevered- as
The burn of absinthe
A gentle torture the lover’s fire

My lips travel the curve of your neck
Reaching the mysteries of your breasts
A nipple rises to the touch of my tongue
In the valley of desire, is the death of wisdom.

My tongue enters the essence of you
Plunging deep, luscious shades of blue
Your hips rise, to meet my thrust
A moan rises, like the moon at dusk

Sliding together, connected, as one,
The moment of heaven, the victory won
We gasp for breath as the explosion comes
A gentle torture the lover’s fire
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