The Velvet Black
by Ramona Thompson

My nipples harden
Between my thights
I shiver and tingle
As the blindfold is tied tight
Phantom hands I can only feel
Caress my naked body
Slowly with the unmost care
My lover arouses me
To a fever pitch
Whispering words of worship and praise
I am afraid
On the edge
My nerves taut
My heart racing
Yet never before have I been so excited
So completely enraptured
Captured by the moment
Lost to the desires of forbidden fruit
The ropes burn and cut into my flesh
New and thrilling
The sensation floods me
My hips raise and graze my lover's errection
Rocking me even deeper

Lust doubles its hold upon me
He is the puppeter
I am the living doll
He the master and I the slave
Swimming endless
In his encouragement
With every breath that is my life
I give him my all
My everything
As orgasm sends me away spinning
Into a perfect night
Into our favorite kinky game

The velvet black
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