The Virgin in me
by  Logan D©

You would rip me every time your body married mine
My tender flesh
that you called a rose would stretch and tear till blood
seethed through my cracks
and I loved you for it.
I left your vows, spoken with touches, only to roll over and
I conformed to the shape of every inch of your love
I transformed, found a glorified stench in what I’d become.
I’d itch from the rawness of my skin that you severed from
the monster you had for me - and I coveted him, swallowed
him, and trusted him
even if he retrieved scars from a previous battle.
Regardless, he was mine-
and you would ask if she was yours
and although my treasure was seldom found
and yours was marked x on the tip of my spot frequently.
I reveled when you received your reward.
I coward and cocooned simultaneously.
I begged for you to stay
then shook in apprehension with unexpected
movements over me,
under me and
through me
Time was no concept
just beginning and end
my eyes swelter as
the long hand twist and the short one would bend
and all I can do is bask in my own afterglow
stand up bare,
hand you the remote
and rub on your back
like a kitten-smitten with daddy
And after dreaming of you, I awake to that pain of a
familiar rip again to befriend me
Because although your gone -
it’s yours,
you’ve had it,
you still have it
and even now you’re in me.

My New Vice

Damn you, devil blue-eyed bastard in kink complementary
to mine.
It’s naturally good for me- but unnatural to my kind.
You freaks of nature with your need to conquer every hole.
Your desire to define not for me-not for mine,
But god damn you and your tongues with sinful tips
gyrating like wings of fallen angels with golden ringlets I
can’t resist.
You’ve tainted me. I consume all your deviant caresses
and thin-lipped kisses and hands soft from lack of labor,
I’d jump off a red bridge before my black ass has a pecan
baby -or swallow your white ones.
I only land in your lap cooing for you to make me feel like a
princess-get it!–Not a queen,
I’ve taken in the deepest amount of caring but now I just
want someone to take care of me.

And that’s why when I stare at you, I immediately hold my
head down with shame
when I think of how I spread for you…
you don’t understand it, you don’t appreciate it, you took it
not that long ago
Buried the love I could have had - thrown overboard like
and now not a shovel or a shrivel of hope can resurrect us
from your long-lasting blow
Oh you devil that tempts me and twist me, and taste me
dare I say, like a brother never could
Making me pack myself full of dirty things stuffed with a
grin and stamped with “ I never thought I would”

Whoever thought you could turn me out so fast…
Ooh damn! Give me your sin again and again you
delightful devil of a white man.
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