The Willing
by Tina McKeon©

Lock me up
Throw away the key
A few moments of surrender
My body belongs solely to thee

Banishing ourselves from society
You grasp my naked flesh among
hungry reigns
Knowing a gentle hand need not apply
For, I am numb to a man's feasting

Passionate kisses not on the agenda
Masculine fingers roughly knead my
Then your mouth comes crashing down
Sucking and tugging at the hardened

Your mouth continues its assault
Hand travels to fulfill another pleasure
Groan of satisfaction escapes your lips
When discover my hot, liquid treasure

Your blood pressure is at a rise
Feel your body ready to explode
Tearing apart my waiting thighs
In one swift thrust, you enter and

There is no time for slow recovery
With repetition, I profess the thrill
Professional obligation completed, I
For, I have other yearnings to fulfill


One night I tasted passion
His rough hands explored my
untouched flesh
My breasts tingled and numbed among
his expertise
Then he tangled his fingers among my
feminine curls
A soft moan escaped my lips, as heat
erupted inside me
One finger slipped inside, and he
encountered a dewy wetness
"Ah, you are so ready for me", he
If he only knew just how long I have
Slowly, his large manhood entered me
I cried out loud, but not in pain
"At last, I am free", I declared
My womanhood has finally been
catered to
No longer am I a virgin trapped in

Lesson Plan

I want to play the teacher
Will you be my compliant pupil?
Unable to give a sermon of a preacher
There is a lesson plan I need to fulfill

I won't refrain from being your guide
Can you answer my body's needs
Allow the lessons learned to take me
for a ride
Get extra credit for the most daring

Straddle me upon my desk full of clutter
With this lesson, neatness doesn't
Keep practicing until I shudder
My cum flowing out in a great amount
About Tina:
Tina McKeon is a freelance poet, residing in New Jersey.   
Her work is featured in various anthologies, and other
online magazines.  Tina has received two Editor's Choice
Awards.  Some of Tina's artistic projects can be seen in
children's educational periodicals.  In January, she
released her first book titled Scattered Images: A Woman's
Poetic Tales.  Since that time, Tina has performed
speaking engagements, and taught poetry classes to kids.  
You can contact Tina at
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