This was my fantasy
by R. Leigh

Come to life

He bum rushed me

At the door

Scooped me up in a

big bear hug

His smell made my skin tingle

His hands in my hair

His face in my ear

He whispered,

“I’ve been thinking about you all day”

And I melted

Every muscle in my body


He gave me a long slow kiss

The kind where time

Stands still

And every moment is perfect

And tender

The kind you get drunk from

He whispered,

“I’ve got a surprise for you and I came prepared”

And I melted

Our bodies pressed together

He began to rise along my thigh

And I

Became dizzy with lust

He pulled me off into a dark corner

Standing behind me

Pants to the floor

He whispered,

“Bend Over”

And I melted,

Upon entry I flooded us with

Tsunami’s of erotic excitement

And sinful pleasures

He had backshots for days

And he made my legs shake

Breathing heavy

Dripping wet

Him squeezing my breasts

He whispered,

“Come on now throw it back, I know you can”

And I melted

Straightened up and

Threw his back into the wall

With every pelvic thrust

Moaning and groaning my ass off

Stroke after stroke he moaned until

He whispered,

“I’m close let me cum down your throat”

And I melted

Dropped to my knees

And covered him in spit

From the base to the tip

And as the warm creamy

Center descended tasting

Like salt and honey I rose

Composed myself while

He got dressed and

Thanked the lord

I had been blessed.  
About R. Leigh:
R. Leigh a professional spoken word artist and freelance creative
writer for five years hails from Newark, NJ. She has been
performing for the past two years at venues in NJ and at the
Bowery Poetry Club in NYC.  Her monthly column Kama Sutra is
featured at and she writes a monthly blog on love
and sex at  When not writing about
love and sex she is exercising her other creative writing skills
proofreading and copywriting for Bell One Media.
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