Transgression; or, The Kiss
by Diar

The mystery of love is in the breath.

The flames of two lovers’ desire wrestling, one against the

is in the dramatic action of whose lips conquer whose

in the transgression of the kiss.

The flesh is a dormant interface awaiting violation by the lips,

electric currents jumpstarting battery-drained limbs.

Lips entangled within lips brings the soul to the surface,

as the heart becomes animated

by the shockwave of passion rolling through

the transit network of veins and arteries

crisscrossing the body’s subterranean geography.

Kiss you and your life will not alter.

Kiss me, and I will relinquish my part

as a self-willed hunger artist  

and, almost blind from starvation, and a weakened pulse,

fall into the golden-wheat-filled pastures of your lips                  

and take mindless pleasure in every kiss you stamp on my skin.
About Diar:
Diar is a freelance copy editor/proofreader pursuing full-time work in the editorial
division of the publishing industry. His educational background is in Literature, Art
History, Philosophy, and Religion. He is a poet and critical prose essayist, with
several publishing credits in both genres in print and on the web. His literary field
specialization is the long 19th century from the French Revolution through the
early Modern novel, with particular focus on the evolutionary changes of the
Gothic, Romanticism, Decadence and Aestheticism, and Orientalism. His religious
and philosophical interests focus on the various sects of mysticism, as well as
Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Overall, he continues to hold a strong
interest in and love for the different aspects of the arts and humanities.   
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