Tree Of Sexual Knowledge
by CAT

You were a serpent
Wise, and crafty
Whispering in my ear
The most extraordinary lies…
You were like the apple
Sweet and FORBIDDEN…
Once I BIT of your essence
A myriad of colors
Assailed my sense
And pleasure
Like I’ve never known before
Left me quivering after you…
The simultaneous orgasm
Sounded like a fairy tale
Until…your cunning and craftiness
Showed me the way…
And now I know
The difference between GOOD sex and BAD sex…
I enjoyed your every touch
How you made my body feel alive!
But, now I have been
CAST AWAY from my GARDEN of pleasure
Cast away from YOUR LOVE and touch
Now I must TOIL
In my own SWEAT and in the sun
Looking for the SERPENT
With the magic touch you held
Oh, to be BLIND once more!
Now, every man
Doesn’t measure up
To your EVIL
Ecstasy of pleasure and SIZE
Now I am in the world
My teeth
Trying to find
The GRAINS of GOOD sex
Among the WEEDS
Of lousy lovers!                        
About Cat:
CAT is on Myspace; she first started to write poetry when she went to college years ago,
back in 1987 and has writing ever since. CAT writes about many things. She has more
erotic poems besides this one. CAT's work has been published in two books so far. She
has a few poems on Currently, Cat is working on her own book (or
books) of poem. She was published in “The Colors of Life” by the International Library of
Poetry in 2003 (The Ice Queen's Transormation), and also the “Mid Rivers Review” A
literary journal by SCCCC in 2005 (My Creation). Cat sees poetry as a form of release

This poem was inspired by an ex-boyfriend (who will remain anonymous) who awakened  
her in ways that at times, she did not always like as the real world pales in comparison, but
such as is life, better to loved and lost, or had excellent sex and lost him than never to
have had it at all!

If you want to chat with CAT on myspace her handle is dirtydancer4u. She is also known as
"CAT" at Yahoo at  She is always interested in
making new friends and especially other fellow artists.
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